Precious Beast X The Rainbow Room - Collaboration

I'm thrilled to announce my first collaboration as a tastemaker for Introducing the "Spectrum Showers Cloud Mobile" from TheRainbowRoom. It is available now exclusively in the Precious Beast boutique!

This beautiful piece is made by hand (in exotic Ibiza!) by the very talented Claire Beaman. I love how it turned out - truly vibrant and whimsical - perfect for so many different spaces. It's also a fabulous gift for anyone who appreciates a good rainbow. (Supplies are limited, so grab one before they run out..!)

I feel so lucky to be a part of as both a maker and tastemaker. It gives me an opportunity to work with people all over the world and explore new mediums. Claire was a joy to work with and, thanks to the magic of the internet, we were able to go back and forth until we came to the perfect design to share with you. Enjoy!!