Precious Beast in Serendipity Gallery

So something VERY exciting is happening and I can finally share the news. Serendipity Gallery in St. Louis is now showcasing pieces by Precious Beast!

It all started with my Art-o-Mat birds, which led to Christmas ornaments, which led to a large collection of everything from wood signs to "I Love You, Dammit." pieces to large abstract paintings (such as the one pictured). I want to say a big thank you to gallery manager Lisa Anne Houdyshell for being so welcoming and brilliant. It really is a thrill.

To see where it all started, you can watch Lisa Anne with Art-o-mat® guru Clark Whittington and my "Woo Bird" on the news:

Here's to the beginning of a beautiful artist/gallery friendship...!

Serendipity Precious Beast painting with site.jpg