Jackie Phillips is driven by that sweet feeling you get when you know the colors are just right and the image takes on a life of its own. She launched her art studio Precious Beast in December 2010 and, soon after, expanded into graphic design, relying on her keen eye to create imagery that is dynamic, fresh and Pinterest-worthy. Self-taught and armed with tools in nearly every color of the rainbow, Jackie approaches her work pattern first and color second, always in search of the perfect balance of whimsy and pop. Her original designs, manifesting in a wide range of styles and mediums, are adding flair and on display all over the world. 

Late 2013 brought the addition of creative direction services, where Jackie translates her 10+ year background working amongst the giants of the entertainment industry (including former FOX Chairman/current TBS & TNT President Kevin Reilly and actor Hugh Laurie) into hands-on guidance for others. Her current list of clients includes artists, designers, photographers, bloggers, actors, executives, writers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and retail shops. Via her collaborations, Jackie's work reaches an average of 6 million people every week. She recently finished illustrations for "The Denim Jungle," a children's book released Winter 2015.

Precious Beast has been featured in several publications, including Vogue, LOOK and Emma Magazine. Jackie is thrilled to expand Precious Beast's reach through an ever-evolving series of partnerships that includes ZOOM Interiors (seen on Shark Tank), GREAT.LY marketplace, DiaNoche Designs and Serendipity Gallery. 

Jackie, a Los Angeles native, is a graduate of Harvard-Westlake High School and Northwestern University. She loves television, rabbits, goat cheese and classic rock.